Represents the props of the KendoVue Input component.
Extends the native input props.

defaultValue? string | string[]

label? string

Renders a floating label for the Input component.

name? string

Specifies the name property of the input DOM element.

onBlur? (event: any) => void

onChange? Element

onFocus? (event: any) => void

placeholder? string

Specifies the placeholder of an input element. Used to define if the input is empty.

required? boolean

Specifies if null is a valid value for the component.

valid? boolean

Overrides the validity state of the component.
If valid is set, the required property will be ignored.

validationMessage? string

Controls the form error message of the component. If set to an empty string, no error will be thrown.

validityStyles? boolean

If set to false, no visual representation of the invalid state of the component will be applied.

value? string | string[] | number