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Represents the props of the Kendo U for Vue Form component.




Set this to true to allow the form submit without modified fields.


{[name: string]: any}

The initial field values of the Form.

When you initialize the Form fields, set initial values to them. Otherwise, some

components might throw errors related to switching from uncontrolled to controlled mode.


(values: {[name: string]: any}, event?: any) => void

The submission handler for the Form. Called when at least one field has been modified, the user pressed the Submit button, and the form validation was successful.


(event: FormSubmitClickEvent) => void

Called every time the user presses the Submit button. Useful in advanced scenarios when you need to handle every submit event, even when the form is invalid or not modified state.


(props: FormRenderProps) => any

The Form content that will be rendered.



The validation function for the Form level. Should return key-value pair where the key is the field path and the value is the error message. Nested fields are supported, e.g.: 'users[0].name'. You can use the same field path to access the value from the values object using the getter function from the kendo-vue-common package. Currently, validator supports only synchronous functions.