The descriptor which is used for expanding, selecting, and checking.

idField? string

The name of the field which will uniquely describe an item as an alternative to its hierarchical index.

ids? any[]

The IDs of the items to which the operation will be applied. By default, the TreeView applies the hierarchical indices of the items. These indices are zero-based. The first root item has a 0 (zero) index. If the first root item has children, the first child acquires a 0_0 index and the second acquires a 0_1 index.

operationField? string

The name of the field which will provide a Boolean representation for the operation state of the item.

The default fields are:

  • expanded—Indicates that an item is expanded.
  • selected—Indicates that an item is selected.
  • checked—Indicates that an item is checked.