Represents the props of the TreeListCell component.

className? string

The custom CSS classes of the cells.

colSpan? number

The column span of the cell.

dataItem any

The data item which corresponds to the current row.

expandable? boolean

If set to true, the cell will render indentation based on its level prop and the icons that are used for expanding and collapsing child rows.

expanded? boolean

The expanded value of the cell.

field? string

The field to which the cell is bound.

format? string

The format that is applied to the value before the value is displayed. Takes the {0:format} form where format is a standard number format, a custom number format, a standard date format, or a custom date format. For more information on the supported date and number formats, refer to the kendo-intl documentation.

hasChildren? boolean

Indicates that the data item of the cell has subitems.

level number[]

An array of indexes of each parent and current item in the data tree.

onChange? (event: { dataItem: any; field?: string; level: number[]; syntheticEvent: SyntheticEvent<any>; value?: any; }) => void

The event that is fired when the cell value is changed.

onExpandChange (event: MouseEvent<HTMLSpanElement>, dataItem: any, level: number[]) => void

The event that is fired when the expand or collapse icon of the cell is clicked.

render? (defaultRendering: ReactElement<HTMLTableCellElement> | null, props: TreeListCellProps) => ReactElement<HTMLTableCellElement> | null

A function for overriding the default rendering of the cell.

selectionChange? (event: { syntheticEvent: SyntheticEvent<any>; }) => void

The event that is fired when the cell is selected.

style? CSSProperties

The styles for the cell.