Represents the props of the KendoReact Tooltip component.

anchorElement? string

Sets the anchor element of the Tooltip.

The available options are:

  • (Default) pointer—Shows a Tooltip where the cursor is located.
  • target—Positions the Tooltip based on the anchor element.

children? any

Sets the content of the Tooltip.

className? string

Sets a class of the Tooltip DOM element.

content? any

Sets the content of the Tooltip (see example).

filter? (target: HTMLElement) => void

Represents a callback function which determines if a Tooltip will be displayed (see example).

onClose? (event: TooltipEvent) => void

Fires when the Tooltip is hidden.

onOpen? (event: TooltipEvent) => void

Fires when the Tooltip is shown.

openDelay? number

Sets a delay in milliseconds.

parentTitle? boolean

Show a Tooltip if any of the parent elements has a title.

position? TooltipPosition

Sets the position of the Tooltip (see example).

The available options are:

  • (Default) auto—Positions the Tooltip depending on the available space.
  • right—Positions the Tooltip to the right side of the element.
  • left—Positions the Tooltip to the left side of the element.
  • bottom—Positions the Tooltip at the bottom of the element.
  • top—Positions the Tooltip at the top of the element.

showCallout? boolean

Specifies if the Tooltip callout will be displayed.