Represents the props of the KendoReact Tooltip component.

anchorElement? string

Sets the anchor element of the Tooltip.

The available options are:

  • (Default) pointer—Shows a Tooltip where the cursor is located.
  • target—Positions the Tooltip based on the anchor element.

children? any

Sets the content of the Tooltip.

className? string

Sets a class of the Tooltip DOM element.

content? any

Sets the content of the Tooltip (see example).

filter? (target: HTMLElement) => void

Represents a callback function which determines if a Tooltip will be displayed (see example).

onClose? (event: TooltipEvent) => void

Fires when the Tooltip is hidden.

onOpen? (event: TooltipEvent) => void

Fires when the Tooltip is shown.

open? boolean

Specifies if the Tooltip will be open. Sets the Tooltip in its controlled mode (see example). Requires you to set the targetElement property.

openDelay? number

Sets a delay in milliseconds.

parentTitle? boolean

If any of the parent elements has a title, displays a Tooltip.

position? TooltipPosition

Sets the position of the Tooltip (see example).

The available options are:

  • (Default) auto—Positions the Tooltip depending on the available space.
  • right—Positions the Tooltip to the right side of the element.
  • left—Positions the Tooltip to the left side of the element.
  • bottom—Positions the Tooltip at the bottom of the element.
  • top—Positions the Tooltip at the top of the element.

setCalloutOnPositionAuto? any

When the position is set to auto, sets the start point of the Tooltip callout (in pixels).

showCallout? boolean

Specifies if the Tooltip callout will be displayed.

targetElement? any

Sets the Tooltip target element. You have to use it with the open property.