Represents the props of the KendoReact PanelBar component.

animation? boolean

Sets the animation state of the PanelBar.

children? React.ReactNode

The child can be either a single PanelBarItem or a PanelBarItem array.

className? string

The class name that is set to the PanelBar.

dir? string

Sets the direction of the PanelBar component.

expandMode? PanelBarExpandMode

Sets the expand mode of the PanelBar (see example).

The available modes are:

  • "single"—Allows you to expand only one item at a time. The expanding of an item collapses the item that was previously expanded.
  • "multiple" (default)—Allows you to expand two or more items at a time. Items can also be toggled.

expanded? string[]

Sets the initial expanded state of the PanelBar.

focused? string

Sets the initial focused state of the PanelBar.

onSelect? (event: PanelBarSelectEventArguments) => void

Fires each time the user makes a selection (see example).

selected? string

If set, overrides the currently selected property in the PanelBar state.

style? CSSProperties

Sets additional CSS styles to the PanelBar.