The properties of the KendoReact Drawer component.

animation? boolean | DrawerAnimation

Specifies the animation settings of the Drawer. If boolean enables or disables the default animation. Use DrawerAnimation to set slide animation with customizable duration option. Accepts a number in milliseconds.

children? any

Sets the Drawer items declaratively.

className? string

Specifies a list of CSS classes that will be added to the Drawer element.

dir? string

Represents the dir HTML attribute. This is used to switch from LTR to RTL.

expanded? boolean

Specifies the state of the Drawer. Defaults to false (see example).

item? React.ComponentType<DrawerItemProps>

Overrides the default component responsible for visualizing a single item (see example).

The default Component is: DrawerItem.

items? Array<DrawerItemProps>

The collection of items that will be rendered in the Drawer (see example).

mini? boolean

Enables the mini (compact) view of the Drawer which is displayed when the component is collapsed (see example)).

miniWidth? number

Defines the width of the Drawer when the mini view is enabled and the component is collapsed. Defaults to 50.

mode? "overlay" | "push"

Specifies the mode in which the Drawer will be displayed. The possible values are overlay and push. Defaults to overlay (see example).

onOverlayClick? (event: MouseEvent<HTMLDivElement>) => void

The event handler that will be fired when the overlay is clicked. Used in overlay mode only.

onSelect? (event: DrawerSelectEvent) => void

Fires when a Drawer item is selected.

position? "start" | "end"

Specifies the position of the Drawer. The possible values are start and end (see example).

style? CSSProperties

Sets additional CSS styles to the Drawer.

tabIndex? number

Sets the tabIndex property of the Drawer.

width? number

Defines the width of the Drawer when it is expanded. Defaults to 240.