An interface for the Drawer items.

children? any

Represents the children that are passed to the DrawerItem.

className? string

Specifies a list of CSS classes that will be added to the DrawerItem element.

disabled? boolean

Specifies if the Drawer item is disabled.

icon? string

Defines the name for an existing icon in a Kendo UI theme. The icon is rendered inside the Drawer item by a span.k-icon element.

index? number

Sets the index of the DrawerItem that is used to identify it.

selected? boolean

Specifies if the Drawer item is initially selected.

separator? boolean

Specifies if this is a separator item.

style? CSSProperties

Sets additional CSS styles to the Drawer item.

tabIndex? number

Sets the tabIndex property of the DrawerItem. Defaults to 0.

text? string

Specifies the text content of the Drawer item.