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Implement a Context Menu in the Grid


Product Version3.15.0
ProductProgress® KendoReact


How to add a context menu to the Grid?


You can implement a context menu in the Grid by using the KendoReact Popup component and then and display it on a right click.

  1. Attach the onContextMenu to the Grid rows and pass the row data to the context menu by utilizing the rowRender property.

        rowRender = (trElement, dataItem) => {
            const trProps = {
            onContextMenu: (e) => {
                this.handleContextMenuOpen(e, dataItem.dataItem)
            return React.cloneElement(trElement, { ...trProps }, trElement.props.children);
  2. Define the desired content of the context menu in the Popup. As the elements inside the Popup are custom, they execute different actions depending on the desired functionality.

            <Menu vertical={true} style={{ display: 'inline-block' }} onSelect={this.handleOnSelect}>
                <MenuItem text="Move Up" />
                <MenuItem text="Move Down" />
                <MenuItem text="Delete" />

The following example demonstrates the full implementation of the suggested approach. The context menu provides options for moving the rows up and down, and for deleting an item.

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