KendoReact & Third-Party Libraries

KendoReact delivers components that are intended to be used in the React ecosystem.

Apart from the components being fully based on the approaches that the React framework implements, each control provides various options for high-level customization. The flexibility of the KendoReact suite, therefore, enables the neat integration of the KendoReact components with almost all libraries which are related to the React framework.

This Third-Party Libraries documentation aims at demonstrating the integration approaches that you can use when you work with libraries which target React together with KendoReact components. However, the available third-party libraries for React are a huge number while the integration demos are in the process of being gradually added to the documentation. As a result, the number of available integration demos are far from comprehensive and a lot of library integrations are yet to be incorporated under this section.


Therefore, contribution is more than welcome. If you create or use a library which targets React and integrate KendoReact components, and feel like sharing the approach, you can contribute to the Third-Party Libraries section. On the one hand, contributing to the KendoReact documentation is a perfect way to showcase your library or an interesting use case with the Kendo UI community. On the other hand, if you are a KendoReact user, Progress will grant you a substantial amount of Telerik points for the effort of creating the integration example.

To add a new integration demo:

  1. Create an example in Stackblitz.
  2. Open an issue in our GitHub repository.
  3. Send the example to the KendoReact team.

Optionally, you can directly send the example through the Support Ticket System so that the Support Team reflect the changes and update your Telerik points.

Available Library-Integration Demos