Keeping Up to Date

The KendoReact packages are released frequently with bug fixes and new features.

Semantic Versioning

The KendoReact packages are released together (all @progress/kendo-react-* packages have the same version) and their version numbers follow the rules of Semantic Versioning:

  • A major version bump (X.y.z) signals a breaking change in the API. You might need to update application code or dependencies.
  • A minor version bump (x.Y.z) signals the addition of new features. Existing code will continue to work but new features may require additional setup.
  • A patch version bump (x.y.Z) indicates a bug-fix release. Typically, patches do not require changes to application code.

Updating to Compatible Releases

The package.json file references a major version rangefor example, "@progress/kendo-react-grid": "^5.0.0". To fetch the latest compatible Minor or Patch release, run npm update.

Updating to Latest Versions

To update to the most recent versions of the KendoReact components, use npm-check-updates.

  • To upgrade all Progress packages, run:

    npx npm-check-updates --upgrade --filter "/@progress.*/"
  • To upgrade only KendoReact packages, run:

    npx npm-check-updates --upgrade --filter "/@progress/kendo-react.*/"
  • In some cases, you may have to specify the location of the package.json file:

    npx npm-check-updates --upgrade --filter "/@progress.*/" --packageFile ./package.json

A successful run will record the updated versions in package.json and package-lock.json.

Upgrading between major versions might require you to change the application code.

For more details, refer to the KendoReact Change Log.