KendoReact Checkbox Overview

The KendoReact Checkbox lets the user toggle between checked, unchecked and the optional indeterminate states.

The Checkbox is designed to replace the <input type="checkbox"> HTML5 tag and provides the KendoReact specific styling.

The CheckBox is typically used to represent boolean values via a binary checked state. All regular input type="checkbox" HTML attributes are applicable.

The KendoReact Checkbox component is part of the KendoReact library of React UI components. It is distributed through NPM under the kendo-react-inputs package.

The following example demonstrates the Checkbox component in action.

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The Checkbox is part of the KendoReact Inputs component library. The procedures for installing, importing, and using all components in the library are identical. To learn how to use the Checkbox and the rest of the components in the package, see the Getting Started with the KendoReact Inputs guide.

Key Features

  • Disabled CheckboxYou can render a disabled Checkbox by setting a single property and keep it disabled until certain requirements are met.
  • Controlled modeYou can take advantage of the built-in options that allow you to control the value and the checked state of the Checkbox.
  • Default stateTo control the initial value of the Checkbox, you can use the defaultChecked property.
  • LabelsYou can add labels and set their position. The Checkbox supports custom labels as well.
  • Forms supportYou can easily integrate the Checkbox with an HTML5 form, the KendoReact Form component, or a third-party React form library.
  • GlobalizationThe KendoReact Checkbox comes with globalization features that allow you to create applications that can be used all over the world.
  • Keyboard navigationThe Checkbox supports numerous keyboard shortcuts that allow users to interact with the component.
  • AccessibilityThe Checkbox is accessible for screen readers and provides full WAI-ARIA support.

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