Represents the props of the KendoReact ColorGradient component.

ariaDescribedBy? string

Identifies the element(s) which will describe the component, similar to HTML aria-describedby attribute. For example these elements could contain error or hint message.

ariaLabelledBy? string

Identifies the element(s) which will label the component.

defaultValue? string

The default value of the ColorGradient.

disabled? boolean

Determines whether the ColorGradient is disabled (more information and example).

class App extends React.Component {
   render() {
      return (
          <ColorGradient disabled={true} />
ReactDOM.render(<App />, document.querySelector('my-app'));

id? string

Specifies the id of the component.

onChange? (event: ColorGradientChangeEvent) => void

Determines the event handler that will be fired when the user edits the value.

opacity? boolean

Determines whether the alpha slider and the alpha input will be displayed. Defaults to true.

style? CSSProperties

The styles that are applied to the ColorGradient.

tabIndex? number

Sets the tabIndex property of the ColorGradient.

value? string

The value of the ColorGradient.