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The Badge component provides many predefined appearance options such as different shapes, sizes, theme colors and optional cutout borders.

Theme Color

The Badge allows you to specify predefined theme colors.

The available themeColor values are:

  • base —Applies coloring based on the base theme color.
  • primary (Default)—Applies coloring based on primary theme color.
  • secondary—Applies coloring based on secondary theme color.
  • tertiary— Applies coloring based on tertiary theme color.
  • inherit— Applies inherited coloring value.
  • info—Applies coloring based on info theme color.
  • success— Applies coloring based on success theme color.
  • warning— Applies coloring based on warning theme color.
  • error— Applies coloring based on error theme color.
  • dark— Applies coloring based on dark theme color.
  • light— Applies coloring based on light theme color.
  • inverse— Applies coloring based on inverted theme color.
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The Badge allows you to set the border radius that will be applied to its edges.

The available rounded values are:

  • small—Sets the border radius to 1px.
  • medium—(Default)— Sets the border radius to 2px.
  • large—Sets the border radius to 4px.
  • full—Sets the border radius to 9999px.
  • null—The null option removes the built-in roundness. Allows for custom border radius.
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The Badge allows you to set different sizes.

The available size values are:

  • small
  • medium (Default)
  • large
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The Badge enables you to set styling options and create solid or outline badges by setting the fillMode property.

The available fillMode values are:

  • solid (Default)
  • outline
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Cutout Border

The Badge allows you to specify whether or not to render an additional "cutout" border around its content.

The available cutoutBorder values are:

  • false (Default)
  • true
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