The scale options of the Gauge.

labels? Labels

Configures the scale labels.

line? Line

Configures the scale line.

majorTicks? Ticks

Configures the major scale ticks.

majorUnit? number

The interval between major divisions.

max? number

The maximum value of the scale.

min? number

The minimum value of the scale.

minorTicks? Ticks

Configures the minor scale ticks.

minorUnit? number

The interval between minor divisions.

mirror? boolean

Mirrors the scale labels and ticks. If the labels are normally on the left side of the scale, the mirroring of the scale will render them to the right.

rangePlaceholderColor? string

The default color of the ranges.

rangeSize? number

The width of the range indicators.

ranges? Range[]

The ranges of the scale.

reverse? boolean

Reverses the scale direction.

vertical? boolean (default: true)

Specifies if the scale will be vertical (see example).