Represents the props of the KendoReact ArcGauge component.

arcCenterRender? (value: number, color: string) => ReactElement<any>

When arcCenterRender is set, the center template of the ArcGauge is rendered.

color? string

The color of the value pointer. Accepts a valid CSS color string, including hex and rgb.

colors? ColorRange[]

The color ranges of the value pointer (see example).

dir? string

Represents the dir HTML attribute.

opacity? number

The opacity of the value pointer.

renderAs? "svg" | "canvas"

Sets the preferred rendering engine. If not supported by the browser, the Gauge switches to the first available mode.

The supported values are:

  • "svg"—If available, renders the component as an inline .svg file.
  • "canvas"—If available, renders the component as a canvas element.

scale? ArcScale

The scale options of the ArcGauge.

style? CSSProperties

The styles that are applied to the component.

transitions? boolean

If set to true, the Gauge plays animations when it displays the series. By default, animations are enabled.

value number

The value of the ArcGauge.