You can create, update, and delete the data records of the Gantt.

Getting Started

The Gantt provides the following callbacks, components and utility functions to allow full user control:

  • First we define taskModelFields to prepare the items for manipulation;
  • row callbacks - onRowClick, onRowDoubleClick and onRowContextMenu
  • task callbacks - onTaskRemove, onTaskClick, onTaskDoubleClick and onTaskContextMenu
  • add button callback - onAdd
  • dependency create callback - onDependencyCreate
  • handle onFormSubmit - It provides information about the updated task as well as createdDependencies, updatedDependencies and deletedDependencies.
  • components - GanttForm and GanttRemoveDialog
  • utility functions for updating the data tree: addTask, removeTask and updateTask

Please check the example below which shows the example editing implementation in action:

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