Represents the props of the Field component that is used inside the KendoReact Form component.




The React elements that are passed as children to the rendered component.


string | ComponentType<any>

Can be set to a React component or to the name of an HTML element, for example, input, select, and textarea. The props that are passed to component are the FieldRenderProps.



The name of the field in the Form state. Supports nested fields in the user.age and users[index].name formats.


(event: any) => void

Called when underlying editor triggers it's onChange event and the Form update it's internal state. Useful for updating related fields.

The Form listens to this editor event and automatically keeps it's internal state up to date.

That why this event should be used only for executing custom logic.


FieldValidatorType | FieldValidatorType[]

The validation functions for the Field level. Currently, validator supports only synchronous functions. Using the array overload with inline array will cause an infinite loop - in this case use a useMemo hook to memoize the array.

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