Prompts the user to save a file with a specified name and content.

The saveAs function is designed to work with [Data URIs]() and Blobs and save them as files on the client machine. Under the hood, saveAs either creates a link that is clicked or a form that is submitted to the proxy end point if a proxy is used.

  • Saving a Blob with a proxy is not supported and will result in an error.
  • To download files from a server endpoint, use the regular HTML5 download attribute on an anchor tag to trigger the download.
import { saveAs, encodeBase64 } from '@progress/kendo-file-saver';

const dataURI = "data:text/plain;base64," + encodeBase64("Hello World!");
saveAs(dataURI, 'test.txt');


data string | Blob

The content of the file as a Base64-encoded Data URI or a Blob.

fileName string

The desired file name.

options? SaveOptions

An optional proxy configuration to use during the file-saving operation. Ignored