KendoReact Dialog Overview

The KendoReact Dialog communicates specific information and prompts users to take specific actions by interacting with a modal dialog.

The KendoReact Dialog is distributed through the kendo-react-dialogs NPM package.

The following example demonstrates the Dialog in action.

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The Dialog is part of the KendoReact Dialogs component library. The procedures for installing, importing, and using the Dialogs are identical for all components in the package. To learn how to use the Dialog and the rest of the Dialogs, see the Getting Started with the KendoReact Dialogs guide.

Key Features

  • TitleYou can customize the title of the Dialog.
  • VisibilityYou can control when the Dialog is visible on the page.
  • Action buttonsYou can add different actions buttons to the Dialog.
  • DimensionsYou can set the Dialog's initial width and height.
  • GlobalizationThe built-in globalization support allows you to create apps that are ready to be implemented worldwide.
  • Keyboard navigationThe Dialog supports various keyboard shortcuts.

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