Adaptive Rendering

The TimePicker provides an option for enabling adaptive rendering for the popup element. This functionality allows the component to adapt to the screen size by providing different rendering of the popup element based on the screen dimensions.

The Adaptive Mode changes the rendering of the popup element of the TimePicker as per the screen resolution of the device (the horizontal value in px) with the following breakpoints:

  • Small screens - up to 500px—Displays a full-screen action sheet.
  • Medium screens - between 500px and 768px—Displays a popup as an action sheet pinned to the bottom of the screen.
  • Large screens - larger than 768px—Displays a popup as an animation container attached to the main element of the component.

To enable the adaptive rendering, set the adaptive property of the TimePicker to true.

To set the title of the dialog window rendered when the TimePicker is opened on a smaller screen, set the adaptiveTitle property of the component.

Resize the browser to see how the TimePicker adapts to different resolutions.

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