buttonCount? number

Sets the maximum numeric buttons count before the buttons are collapsed.

className? string

Sets additional classes to the Pager.

info? boolean

Toggles the information about the current page and the total number of records.

messagesMap? (messageKey: string) => { defaultMessage: string; messageKey: string; }

Useful for modifying the Pager messages.

onPageChange? (event: PageChangeEvent) => void

Fires when the page of the Pager is changed. You have to handle the event yourself and page the data.

pageSizes? Array<number>

Displays a menu for selecting the page size.

previousNext? boolean

Toggles the Previous and Next buttons.

skip number

The number of records that will be skipped.

style? CSSProperties

The styles that are applied to the Pager.

take number

The number of records that will be taken.

total number

The total number of records.

type? "numeric" | "input"

Defines the type of the pager.

  • (Default) numeric — Renders buttons with numbers.
  • input — Renders an input field for typing the page number.