Represents the data item of a single Message.

attachmentLayout? AttachmentLayout

The layout that will be used for displaying message attachments, if any (see example).

attachments? Attachment[]

(Optional) The message attachments (see example).

author User

The author of the message.

selectionIndex number

status? string

An optional status string for the message. The status is displayed when the message is selected—either by clicking on it or by using the keyboard navigation shortcuts.

suggestedActions? Action[]

The suggested quick actions that will be displayed below this message (see example).

Suggested actions are displayed only for the last message in the conversation.

text? string

(Optional) The text for the message. For example, certain messages can contain only attachments or quick actions.

timestamp? Date

The time at which the message was composed.

typing? boolean

A Boolean value which indicates if the message is still being typed by the user. If set to true, the Chat displays a typing indicator instead of the actual message.