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Represents the props of the KendoReact ChartAxisDefaultsLabels component.



(e: any) => string

The function which returns the label content. The text can be split into multiple lines by using the line feed characters ("\n").

The available fields in the function argument are:

  • value—The category value.
  • dataItem—The data item if a field i specified. If the category does not have a corresponding item in the data, an empty object is passed.
  • format—The default format of the label.
  • culture—The default culture (if set) of the label.



The font style of the labels.



The format for displaying the labels. Uses the format method of IntlService. Contains one placeholder ("{0}") which represents the category value.


number | Margin

The margin of the labels. A numeric value sets all margins.



If set to true, the Chart mirrors the axis labels and ticks. If the labels are normally on the left side of the axis, the mirroring of the axis renders them to the right.


number | Padding

The padding of the labels. A numeric value sets all paddings.


number | "auto" | LabelRotation

The rotation angle of the labels (see example). By default, the labels are not rotated. If the axis is horizontal, can be set to "auto". In this case, the labels are rotated only if the slot size is not sufficient for the entire labels.



The number of labels to skip. By default, no labels are skipped.



The label-rendering step—renders every nth label. By default, every label is rendered.



If set to true, the Chart displays the axis labels. By default, the axis labels are visible.


(e: AxisLabelVisualArgs) => Element

A function that for creating a custom visual for the labels.

The available argument fields are:

  • createVisual—A function for getting the default visual.
  • culture—The default culture (if set) of the label.
  • dataItem—The data item if a field has been specified.
  • format—The default format of the label.
  • options—The label options.
  • rect—The geometry Rect that defines where the visual has to be rendered.
  • sender—The Chart instance (can be undefined).
  • text—The label text.
  • value—The category value.