KendoReact Button Overview

The KendoReact Button provides a clickable UI functionality, and you can configure it to perform any action or trigger an event.

To make the Button even more user-friendly and intuitive to use, you can display textual content, predefined icons, images, custom icons, or render a combination of textual and image content within the Button.

The KendoReact Button is distributed through the kendo-react-buttons NPM package.

The following example demonstrates the Button component in action.

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Key Features

  • Disabled ButtonYou can easily render a disabled button and prevent end-users from interacting with it.
  • Icon ButtonYou can add an image, predefined or custom icons to the button.
  • Primary ButtonSetting the button as primary allows you to enhance its appearance and highlight a specific action.
  • Toggleable ButtonThe togglable property makes it easy to indicate if a Button is active or not.
  • AppearanceYou can quickly style the Button by choosing from the predefined styling options.
  • GlobalizationThe built-in globalization support allows you to create apps that are ready to be implemented worldwide.

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