KendoReact Barcode Overview

The KendoReact Barcode renders a variety of one-dimensional (1D) industry barcodes.

The KendoReact Barcode is distributed through the kendo-react-barcodes NPM package.

The following example demonstrates the Barcode in action.

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The Barcode is part of the KendoReact Barcodes component library. The procedures for installing, importing, and using the Barcodes are identical for all components in the package. To learn how to use the Barcode and the rest of the Barcodes, see the Getting Started with the KendoReact Barcodes guide.

Key Features

  • Barcode typesYou can use an extensive set of encoding schemes (symbologies) that are supported by the Barcode.
  • Configuration optionsThe Barcode provides fine-grained control over its behavior and appearance.
  • Rendering modesYou can also display the Barcode in a Canvas (bitmap) or an SVG (vector graphics) format.
  • Export optionsThe Barcode enables you to export its contents to an Image (PNG), PDF, and SVG format.

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