Represents the props of the ListItem component.

dataItem any

Represents the data item of the list item element.

focused boolean

Indicates the focused state of the list item element.

id? string

Specifies the id that will be added to the list item element.

index number

Represents the index of the list item element.

onClick (index: number, event: MouseEvent<HTMLLIElement>) => void

The onClick event handler of the list item element.

render? (li: ReactElement<HTMLLIElement>, itemProps: ListItemProps) => React.ReactNode

Fires when the list item is about to be rendered. Used to override the default appearance of the list item.

renderer? (li: ReactElement<HTMLLIElement>, itemProps: ListItemProps) => React.ReactNode

Deprecated. Use render prop instead.

selected boolean

Indicates the selected state of the list item element.

textField? string

Sets the data item field that represents the item text. If the data contains only primitive values, do not define it.