What’s the Best Way to Build Your Web Application?

Let’s explore one of the interesting crossroads developers find themselves at when building a web application: the approach we take to building the UI components. Considering the impact this decision will have on our ability to meet the deadline and how painful or smooth app maintenance will be afterwards, it’s worth looking into. 

This decision can be boiled down to two main approaches: building your own components or buying a third-party UI library. We’ll explore the implications of each well-trodden path in eight reality-inspired categories: Ticking off all project checkboxes; UI library documentation; Technical support; External dependencies; Software updates; Component reusability; Money and return on investment; The pleasure factor.

For an in-depth discussion on deciding whether to build your UI in-house or implement an external solution, check out the article linked here.
Infographic comparing two approaches for building web apps: building your own components and buying a third-party UI library

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