unable to unlink from Google accounts with 'no password specified' error

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  1. Matt
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    Posted 03 Aug 2015 Link to this post

    Morning!  Not sure what i need to include here (first time posting to these forums).  we're attempting to implement social login and linking to our app.  I went through the Friends sample app and many blogs and forums to get as far as successfully linking a google account with a telerik user account (using 'everlive.$.Users.linkWithGoogle' equivalent).  confirmed the account is attached by looking at the user account and seeing details under 'token' in the BaaS interface.

     Decided i want to just start with linking and unlinking accounts (vs. logging in using social media accounts yet).

    now i want to unlink the google account.  using everlive.Users.unlinkFromGoogle(userId, [success],[failure]) option but i get an error from somewhere that says 'no password specified'.

     i've verified i have the correct userId from the telerik account.  not sure what else i need to do or provide for help.  any help and suggestions welcome!




  2. Matt
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    Posted 03 Aug 2015 in reply to Matt Link to this post

    okay, just tested with a Facebook linking and unlinking, too.  discovered i get the exact same error (no password specified) when using unlinkFromFacebook(userId).

     i am using telerik authentication persistence, if that matters...

     anyway, i'm positive it's programmer error (meaning me) and not reading the instructions right or something.  pointers welcome!


  3. Anton Dobrev
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    Posted 05 Aug 2015 Link to this post

    Hi Matt,

    This error is received from the server when the parameters passed to the unlinkFromFacebook method are not full. For example, if the userId parameter passed to the unlinkFromProvider method is not present, this causes the SDK to make a request to a not valid endpoint - https://api.everlive.com/v1/Users/unlink  hence the error.

    TThe correct endpoint should be https://api.everlive.com/v1/Users/user-id-here/unlink and it will be called when a correct parameter set is passed to the SDK method.

    I hope that this answers the question.

    Anton Dobrev
    Everlive is now Telerik Backend Services, and is part of the Telerik Platform.
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