Trouble with Push Notifications on IOS

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  1. Kevin
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    Posted 14 Jun 2014 Link to this post


    I have been using the sample push app and have had no problem sending push notifications to android phones but when sending push notifications to IOS it has a delay.  It seems to push the android phone almost instantly but the iPhone receives the notification about 5 minutes later.  Also the iPhone does not make any sound or vibrate when it receives the notification.

    The iPhone is an iPhone 4 and is running IOS 7.1.1 and the code I am using is the sample push app with no modifications except my everlive key of course.

    If anyone has any suggestions that would be great.


  2. Anton Dobrev
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    Posted 18 Jun 2014 Link to this post

    Hi Kevin,

    Telerik Backend Services had some minor disruptions in the work of one of their push notifications servers, which caused the delay in sending some push notifications. The problem is now resolved and all notifications should be processed instantly. Please, accept our apologies if this has caused any inconvenience.

    Notifications created from the UI portal of Backend Services of type "Broadcast" does not include the 'sound' property in their payload for iOS. Thus, no sound is played at the time when a notification is received.

    For instance, the basic payload for iOS that will reproduce a sound should look like the following:
    "IOS": {
        "aps": {
            "alert": "Push message from my app",
            "badge": 1,
            "sound": "default"

    More info about the supported structure of the notification payload can be found in this documentation article: Push Notifications Structure.

    You can create platform-specific payload for the notification from the UI. The default sound for iOS will be played when such notification is received.

    I hope that this helps. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

    Anton Dobrev

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  3. Kevin
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    Posted 19 Jun 2014 in reply to Anton Dobrev Link to this post

    Awesome!  I got the sound to work and there is no delay anymore, thanks.  I do have another question, I did notice that the notification won't play a sound when the app is in the foreground, is there anyway to play the sound when the app is active?

    Thanks again, I want to say that AppBuilder is a great product and I am loving it so far.
  4. Lyubomir Dokov
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    Posted 19 Jun 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Kevin,

    I did some research and it turns out that this is how iOS works - when a notification is received and the app is in the foreground, the alert is not displayed and no sound is played.

    You can, however, subscribe for an event in our SDK that will be fired whenever a notification is received. In the handler for this event you can do whatever you need - play sound, show message, etc. You can read about this event in our documentation. Look for notificationsCallbackIOS.

    I hope this helps. Let us know if you have other questions.

    Lyubomir Dokov
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