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    TeamPulse is a great product. Easy to understand, to use, and practical. It could be better, with more customer oriented features.



    Here’s what I mean. We are a software editor company, and for our products, agile project management is good, we do not have to work closely with specific costumers. But some customers who buy our products want modifications or personalization of our product. That is specific development for a customer. Often our customers are large organizations, governmental organizations. It would not work, with them, to strictly adhere to agile principles. First, they would not come to meeting (especially if we continue to have one dev. meeting by week). Secondly, we have to follow rules for publics markets, and those rules ask for a detailed view of the features and project at the start of the project, that is a contractual aspect of the projects.


    Typically, users stories will have to be more detailed, in fact most user stories will grow in full use scenarios as in use cases. The conceptual model of customer must be drawn, and a dictionary of users terms, too. And after that, a mock-up will serve as validation of user needs.


    And at last but not least, we have to present a roadmap, with date for install, tests, etc.


    How TeamPulse fits in that perspective? We can’t buy a license for each contact at each customer, we need to print report, or to export them, as PDF files. And naturally, the TeamPulse objects have to support the need.


    Stories can be singles lines or contains use cases, so it is ok. And I read that in the future TeamPulse will have specific function for use cases, which is good. I see scenarios (of use cases) like an optional object of a story. In fact, even without a formal support of uses cases scenario, we can use TeamPulse to track them.


    For schemas, user dictionary and the like, we can use external files as attachments.


    The generation of PDF should me more… agile ;) . To print stories grouped by substories, to select stories for some persona, to hide non relevant proprieties like maturity, etc.


    What would be really useful would be a roadmap PDF file, something like that : . Here too, it would be important to be able to set filters (and to save them), so we could have a complete roadmap for the dev team, and another for the customer.


    Well, as I said, TeamPulse is a good product; dev team oriented. To add exports specifically for customers would be great!








  2. Steve
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    Hello Richard,

     Thanks for the feedback. The level of detail you provided is excellent.

    Have you reviewed the Requirements - Detail report? It may not be exactly what you're looking for, but it might get you started.

    the Telerik team
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