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  1. zach davis
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    Posted 17 Sep 2010 Link to this post

    Hey everyone,

    I am trying to do some static mocking.  here is my test.
           public void timesheet_processor_tests_just_mock()
               Mock.Arrange(() => LaborManager.GetTimesheetLabor(DateTime.Now, 1683)).Returns(new TimesheetLaborReadOnlyCollection());
               var processor = new TimesheetProcessor();
               processor.ProcessUserTimesheet(DateTime.Now, 1683);
               Mock.Assert(() => LaborManager.GetTimesheetLabor(DateTime.Now, 1683), Occurs.AtLeastOnce());

    The class TimesheetProcessor uses LaborManager.GetTimesheetLabor() method which I have setup to return a new Collection which by Default would have a count == 0. 

    However, when I step into this and get into the TimesheetProcessor class where LaborManager.GetTimeSheetLabor() method is called.  the variable laborEntries which calls the method I arranged in my test gets set to null instead of a new collection.  Please see the timesheet processor code below

    //Timesheet Processor Class
            public void ProcessUserTimesheet(DateTime weekEndingDate, int userId)
                TimesheetsCreated = new List<int>();
                TimesheetLaborReadOnlyCollection laborEntries = LaborManager.GetTimesheetLabor(weekEndingDate, userId);
                if(laborEntries.Count > 0)
                    ProcessTimesheetLaborUser(userId, weekEndingDate, laborEntries);

    Why is this happening?
    Have I setup my test incorrectly?

    I have JustMock enabled.


  2. Ricky
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    Posted 21 Sep 2010 Link to this post

    Hi zach,

    Thank you for submitting the issue. However, DateTime is a value type. Therefore, the DateTime.Now that is passed in ProcessUserTimeSheet and the DateTime.Now that is used to assert the call contains different value.

    I updated the test code in the following way and the test is passing as expected:

    public void timesheet_processor_tests_just_mock()
        var currentDate = DateTime.Now;
        Mock.Arrange(() => LaborManager.GetTimesheetLabor(currentDate, 1683)).Returns(new TimesheetLaborReadOnlyCollection());
        var processor = new TimesheetProcessor();
        processor.ProcessUserTimesheet(currentDate, 1683);
        Mock.Assert(() => LaborManager.GetTimesheetLabor(currentDate, 1683), Occurs.AtLeastOnce());

    I also attached the test project to let you have a look. Please feel free to write back if you are facing further issues.

    Kind Regards,
    the Telerik team
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