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  1. Tayger
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    I'm pretty new to Teleriks Backend Services so I have some very simple questions. 

    Based on my project I have an online editor (homepage, no app) for users to create "modules". Later on there will be an app accessing these modules. I would like to create/move these modules into the Backend Service:

    Homepage with Online Editor (sending to) -> Backend Services <- App (reading from)

    - Is that possible by f.e. using or are Teleriks Backend Services only available/accessible for Apps (created with/inside Teleriks Cloud? 

    Not all Backend Services are used in homepage. I would require the following Backend Services:
    - Data (to store data structures created by homepage editor)
    - User (connection service for login and identifying users)

    If not I have to find another solution but I would like to bring it into the Cloud, would make my life easier.


  2. Pavel
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    Posted 19 Apr 2016 Link to this post

    Hi Farai,

    The features you are interested in (Data and User Management) are both supported in Telerik Platform. You can read more about Data here and Users here.

    As for the Everlive JavaScript SDK it works equally well in the browser so as in hybrid apps, which allows for code reuse and easy integration in your current web applications you have, you can read more about it here.

    You can start with:

    1. Creating Content types to hold your data (the Backend is using NoSQL database, there are no actual tables. A content type is a collection of data items that share the same data structure).  You can also use a RESTful API to access your data. 

    2. Incorporating User authentication.

    I hope this answers your questions.

    Everlive is now Telerik Backend Services, and is part of the Telerik Platform.
  3. Tayger
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    Posted 19 Apr 2016 in reply to Pavel Link to this post

    Hello Pavel

    Thank you for your precise answers and followup links. Thats all what I was looking for and it seems to be the perfect solution for what I am planning. Just two simple question on using Javascript SDK:

    1. I have seen I have to enter an app-id given by Telerik platform (I already found that one) like: var el = new Everlive('your-app-id');
    Question: Is this not a problem if someone visiting my page, getting the app-id out of my code and tries to use this app-id in his app or trying to hack data?

    2. User auth: I played around with it inside Telerik platform... Is it possible to define/set multiple language textboxes for register confirmation, welcome mail, etc. or do I have to put all used language texts in one pre-defined autoanswer-textbox?


  4. Anton Dobrev
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    Posted 21 Apr 2016 Link to this post

    Hello Farai,

    1. A similar question was replied in this forum thread. Please review the thread and the referenced resources.

    In brief, the App ID for Telerik Platform (formerly API key) is a public key. You may want to design the access control and permissions in the backend resources as per your security strategy to ensure it is accommodated appropriately. 

    2. I am guessing that you refer to the personalization of the email templates sent at the time of user account events.

    The easiest way is to customize the default one.

    Alternatively, you may want to:

    - Turn off the sending of the automatic emails
    - Include your separate templates for each language / use case
    - After a user registers, changes password, updates the profile, etc., send the template either via a cloud code event (available after creating a user account) or a cloud function.

    More on sending email notifications is available here.

    Anton Dobrev
    Everlive is now Telerik Backend Services, and is part of the Telerik Platform.
  5. Tayger
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    Posted 24 Apr 2016 in reply to Anton Dobrev Link to this post

    Hello Anton

    After going through your answer and links I felt completly satisfied what my project requires. Excellent, thank you!

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