Screen goes blank if RadSplitterContainer is used

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  1. Ketaki
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    I am facing some wired issue where the screen goes blank...if RadSplitterContainer is used in the code.
    The scenario is as follows:
    I have created a framework application which is divided into Left navigation panel, Header, Footer and page content area.
    Depending upon the user selection in Left navigation panel, the page content area changs with the respective user control.
    The framework's xaml code contains area declaration for Left navigation panel and page content area. For this I have taken on RadDocking control inside which there is one "DocumentHost" which spcifies the "page content area" and the other is "RadSplitContainer" which specifies "navigation panel area". The code goes something like this.

    <radDock:RadDocking x:Name="radDockingBody" >
                                            <radDock:RadDocumentPane Name="radDocPaneContentRegion" >
                                                <radDock:RadDocumentPane.Content >
                                                    <Grid Name="grdContainer">
                                                        <radControl:RadFrameContainer x:Name="radFameConContentRegion" >
                                                            <radControl:RadFrame x:Name="radFrameContentRegion" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" />

                                <radDock:RadSplitContainer Width="Auto" Name="radSplitConNavigation" InitialPosition="DockedLeft" >
                                    <radDock:RadPaneGroup x:Name="radPaneGrpNavigation"  AllowDragOverTab="False" AllowDragReorder="False" >
                                        <radDock:RadPane x:Name="radPaneNavigation"  CanFloat="False" CanUserClose="False" CanDockInDocumentHost="False" Content="{TemplateBinding NavigationPaneContent}" />

    The above code works well. The problem arises when I put a user control on the page content area. This user control contains a screen which should provide auto hide funtionality. So I have again used RadDocking->RadSplitterContainer controls for this screen to provide auto hide functionality. Now if I click on left navigation panel goes somewhere else and again click on navigation panel to come back to this screen, the screen(user control on page content area) goes blank and never comes.

    As the page content area itself is "documenthost"... the user control placed on this area does not allow me to use "RadSplitterContainer".

    Need your guideline on this issue. Little urgent!

    Thank you,

  2. Miroslav Nedyalkov
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    Hello Ketaki,

    I am afraid I cannot fully understand your exact goal and when the page becomes blank.

    Some notes about the RadNavigation - you cannot have more than one RadFrameContainer control in your application, all of your pages that you will navigate between must inherit RadPage. Please make sure that you didn't miss any of these.

    If none of the above suggestions is your issue, it will be very helpful if you open a support ticket and send us the project that gives you this error and step by step description on how the page got blank.

    Miroslav Nedyalkov
    the Telerik team

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  3. Ketaki
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    Posted 26 May 2009 Link to this post


    I have opened a support ticket - 214879.

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