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    Hi All,

    I've started looking at a process of moving away from classic ASP.NET WebForms to a KendoUI approach.

    I'm pretty much sold on using KendoUI as the UI but now need to work out the best data access approach.  At the moment I am thinking that it would be nice to develop my REST API in a manner that I could use it on my existing WebForms application that runs to 400+ pages alongside the existing SQL database connections, gradually replacing them with REST versions.

    So I am now left with a dilemma, finding the best approach for doing a REST API.  So complex.  I have seen some generator options including DreamFactory, Telerik Data Services (is this on the way out?) and a few others, each requiring a different level of understanding. Each seems to have their own pros and cons with nothing really seeming to tick all boxes.  To further complicate things there seems to be several different technologies, such as OData etc.

    Does anyone have any advice they could share with me on this?  

    In an ideal world I'm looking at some solution that is standards compliant, simple to setup, secure and integrates well with KendoUI, Webforms integration is a bonus but not essential as I could simply replace pages with KendoUI pages.



  2. Alexander Popov
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    Posted 18 May 2015 Link to this post

    Hi Jon,

    Choosing the server-side technology is a matter of project requirements and/or personal preferences. As a client-side framework, Kendo UI is not specifically suited for or tied to a certain technology. You can however, explore the possibility of using ASP.NET MVC and our Kendo UI wrappers and extensions for it. This will give you flawless integration between the two and will let you use the fast and powerful server-side operations such as filtering, paging, grouping, sorting and aggregating. WebAPI is another option worth mentioning if having a RESTful service is essential.

    Alexander Popov
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