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  1. Joel Palmer
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    Posted 21 Oct 2013 Link to this post

    Will this diagram handle many to many relationships between items?  So, if I have 5 circle items and they all relate (so have a connector to) each other will the diagram display properly?  I see in one of your examples you use a hierarchy template.  Are we limited to a hierarchy (1 to many) or are there other templates that would allow for my requested many to many relationship using binding?
  2. Petar Mladenov
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    Posted 24 Oct 2013 Link to this post

    Hi Koel,

     In terms of UI you can have shapes connected to many other shapes. Same is true with he ViewModels - you can have ShapeViewModel with Collection of ShapeViewModels representing the Shapes to which the shape is connected. The tricky question is how do you need to arrange such shapes ? Our Tree Layout Type expects a tree structure whereas many shapes connected to many shapes represents a graph but not a tree. What type of Layout do you need ?
    You can take a look at our Layout Demo in our XAML SDK in GitHub and let us know what is the closest Layout type to your requirements.

    Petar Mladenov
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