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    Posted 28 Feb 2015 Link to this post

    I have a grid that is bound to a datasource. On the datasource if an error is returned on create my popup goes away and the new item stays in the grid (datasource). How do I either prevent the popup from going away and make the user cancel or try again, or remove the item if there is an error?

    function getAntiForgeryToken() {
        return  $('input[name=__RequestVerificationToken]').val();

        var viewModelNotes = kendo.observable({
            notesDataSource: new{
                transport: {
                    read: {
                        url: "/Vendor/GetVendorNotes",
                        dataType: "json",
                        data: {
                            VendorId: $("#Vendor_VendorId").val()
                    create: {
                        url: "/Vendor/CreateVendorNote",
                        dataType: "json",
                        type: "POST",
                        data: {
                            VendorId: $("#Vendor_VendorId").val(),
                            __RequestVerificationToken: getAntiForgeryToken()
                schema: {
                    model: {
                        id: "VendorNoteId",
                        fields: {
                            VendorNoteId: { editable: false, nullable: true }
                    errors: "errorMsg"
                pageSize: 20,
                error: function (e) {
                    toastr.options = {
                        "positionClass": "toast-bottom-full-width"
                    toastr.error('Unable to save new note' + e.errors, 'Uh Oh!');

        kendo.bind($('#VendorNoteWrapper'), viewModelNotes);

            dataSource: viewModelNotes.get("notesDataSource"),
            scrollable: false,
            toolbar: ["create"],
            columns: [
            { field: "ItemText", title: "Note" },
            { field: "CreateDate", title: "Create Date" },
            { field: "CreatedByDisplay", title: "Created By" },
            { field: "LastModDate", title: "Modified" }],
            editable: {
                mode: "popup",
                template: kendo.template($("#vendorNoteEditor").html())

  2. Rosen
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    Posted 03 Mar 2015 Link to this post

    Hi Chad,

    In order to revert the changes when error occurs, you should use the DataSource cancelChanges method. Similar to the following:

    error: function (e) {
        toastr.options = {
            "positionClass": "toast-bottom-full-width"
        toastr.error('Unable to save new note' + e.errors, 'Uh Oh!');

    If you want to keep the editor open you will need to use the Grid's dataBinding event to prevent the widget from re-drawing and hiding the popup editor. 

    error: function(e) {       
        var grid = $("#VendorNotesGrid").getKendoGrid();"dataBinding", function (args) {

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