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  1. Jason
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    Posted 14 Feb 2012 Link to this post

    I am currently working on a project which uses both RadHtmlPlaceholder (Showing HTML/ASPX) and RadUpload (For user-selected files and drag and drop functionality). My current issue is keeping both of these items functional. The upload functionality using Telerik controls was only recently added, and the drag and drop functionality is a necessary part of the program. However, as our current use of the RadHtmlPlaceholder is highly integrated with HTML and ASPX, I cannot turn the windowless parameter off for the entire program and move everything over to the RadRichTextBox in an easy fashion.

    I have viewed the demo which showcases the programmatic switching of the windowless parameter, however, I have been unable to programmatically turn the windowless parameter off. I have tried adding the parameter in the following section of the URL, and manually navigating, however, the windowless is still set to true, and dropped files simply open in IE, rather than be captured by the RadUpload Drop Panel.


    My question is this:
    Is this the correct section of the URL in which to set the windowless parameter, and/or will this only work if I set this in the code to navigate, instead of manually changing the URL and navigating on my own to test this parameter?

    Thank you for your time,
    Jason Aldrich

    Question is no longer personally relevant, as the decision was made to instead open the HTML/ASPX pages in a new window and to turn the windowless parameter to false, due in part to some of the other drawbacks of windowless mode.
  2. Kiril Stanoev
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    Posted 17 Feb 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Jason,

    Besides inserting the windowless parameter in the URL, you'll also need to make the .aspx page that contains the Silverlight plugin aware of the windowless parameter:

    <div id="silverlightControlHost">
        <object data="data:application/x-silverlight-2," type="application/x-silverlight-2"
            width="100%" height="100%">
            <param name="source" value="<%= Examples.Web.Global.Version %>/Examples/QuickStartUI.xap" />
            <%--<param name="source" value="Examples/QuickStartUI.xap" />--%>
            <param name="splashscreensource" value="<%= Examples.Web.Global.Version %>/SplashScreen.xaml" />
            <param name="onSourceDownloadProgressChanged" value="onSourceDownloadProgressChanged" />
            <param name="onError" value="onSilverlightError" />
            <param name="background" value="#f2f2f2" />
            <param name="minRuntimeVersion" value="4.0.50826.0" />
            <param name="autoUpgrade" value="true" />
            <param name="EnableRedrawRegions" value="false" />
            <% if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(Request.QueryString["windowless"]))
               { %>
            <param name="windowless" value="true" />
            <% } %>
            <param name="HtmlAccessEnabled" value="true" />

    All the best,
    Kiril Stanoev
    the Telerik team
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  3. Jason
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    Posted 17 Feb 2012 Link to this post

    Thank you for the reply! I will be sure to keep this in mind should the situation arise again, and I hope it helps any other individuals with similar issues.
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