RadPaneGroups without RadSplitContainer and RadRocking

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    Hi guys

    Could you please advice me how to implement the following thing:

    I need a page with RadDocking and RadSplitContainers. And I want to add other my usercontrols (views) that contain RadPaneGroups and RadPanes as <ContentControl> to this my main page.

    So could I define view with RadPaneGroups and RadPanes only to use it later inside RadSplitContainers? Or how it is possible to achieve this result?

    The only way I see now – use RadDocking and RadSplitContainers in my content views too, add them to main view as <ContentControl>, and then restructure page manually in code behind after panels are loaded to remove redundant RadDocking etc. and get structure that I need.
    But I don't like this approach, I want to have self-sufficient xaml layout.

    Thank you

  2. kate
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    Posted 15 Apr 2013 Link to this post

    Any news?
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    When using the RadDocking control you could declare Panes in the xaml of the control or create them from the code behind, all you need to make sure is to stick to the correct structure of placing RadPanes inside RadPaneGroup and then place that group in a SplitContainer which you can add to the Docking control.

    You can read this help article that describes the basic structure of the Docking control. You can also read this online help article that describes how to manage the Docking Control dynamically.

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