"Intentionally not implemented." exception when commiting changes from ObjectContainer to ObjectScope

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  1. Cameron
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    I am using an ObjectContainer to implement a wizard like set of web forms (similar to the description on the telerik blog.), the design can handle either creating new instances, or using existing orm object instances.  However, when I attempt to copy finalised changes to existing objects back to the Scope I am getting an "Intentionally not implemented" exception being thrown from Telerik.OpenAccess.RT.CopySM.setObjectField(...) when it is attempting to set a timestamp property.

    It is only occurring when attempting to change an existing object from the database, brand new objects copy back and save without an issue.

    The property in question does not actually need to be copied at the point the error is occurring, as it will be overwritten when persisted to the database anyway.  I attempted marking the property with the Telerik.OpenAccess.ObjectContainer.ObjectMergerProtectOverwrite attrbute, but that appears to have no affect at all, even when ObjectContainer.CommitChanges is called with allField=false!

    Is there anyway to get the ORM to ignore a field in the copy operation successfully at this time?

  2. Jan Blessenohl
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    Hi Cameron,
    This method should not be called at all. Can you give me some more information? I need the complete stack trace, maybe with InnerException as well. Which type does the field have that we try to copy?

    Kind regards,
    Jan Blessenohl
    the Telerik team
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