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  1. Scott Buchanan
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    Posted 17 Dec 2015 Link to this post

    In preparation for migration, I deleted several sample projects from AppBuilder (using the delete button in ApBuilder).  

    I examined my BlackDragon folder, and noticed a project (mobilewebsite-sample-Telerik-Friends) that was not listed in AppBuilder.  With AppBuilder closed, I removed the BlackDragon\\mobilewebsite-sample-Telerik-Friends folder.

    When I launched AppBuilder again, 2 of my projects are not listed.  The one project that is listed, cannot be opened due to corruption (that is not a new issue - it was in that state already.  I just haven't cared to open a ticket about that).

    I restored the BlackDragon\\mobilewebsite-sample-Telerik-Friends folder from backup, but no joy, my other projects are still missing.

    I see an older post about missing files, but don't see how that will help.  Assuming the Telerik Platform site replaces Icenium as the in-browser IDE, I see my workspace but it only shows back-end stuff - no projects.

    The Graphite log files for today (before and after I removed the folder) only contain these lines:

    [2015-12-17 08:40:39.070] Log (Info,None): Version 2015.4.1127.4. Deployment location
    [2015-12-17 08:40:39.954] Log (Info,None): Logged in as:

    By the way, the Deployment location URL is invalid...

    How can I open the missing projects?




  2. Dimitrina
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    Posted 22 Dec 2015 Link to this post

    Hi Scott,

    I am sorry to hear you experience such issues after removing specific record in AppBuillder's cache.

    In order to investigate the case further, would you please clarify some additional information:
    - You say you deleted several sample projects and as I understand you do not try to recover them, right?
    - Once you removed mobilewebsite-sample-Telerik-Friends, then which 2 projects are not listed anymore?
    - What is the type of the missing projects, are they mobile websites?
    - What is the name of the project which cannot be opened due to a corruption anymore?
    - Does this happen before you start any migration?
    - How did you restore the previously deleted folder from the backup?
    - To proceed with investigation further we will also need a fiddler capture of your session in Telerik Platform. Can you please follow these next steps to gather the requests we'll need:
    1. Log out from Telerik Platform
    2. Download Fiddler from here and install it.
    3. Run Fiddler and go to Tools -> Fiddler Options.
    4. On the HTTPS page, verify that Capture HTTPS Connects is enabled.
    5. Verify that Decrypt HTTPS traffic is enabled with the ...from all processes option and minimize Fiddler to tray.
    6. Log in Telerik Platform and proceed to opening the corrupted app.
    7. In Fiddler, go to File -> Save -> All Sessions, save the archive to disk. This will produce a SAZ file.
    8. Zip the .saz file and attach it in a ticket.

    You can share those details about your case in particular in a new support ticket so that this information to be kept privately. 


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  3. Scott Buchanan
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    Posted 22 Dec 2015 in reply to Dimitrina Link to this post


    Yes, the sample projects that I deleted using the AppBuilder Windows client do not need to be recovered.

    The projects that are missing are namas-conference and sample-kendo-ui-professional.  Of these, I am only really concerned about namas-conference. 

    These are both hybrid apps (namas-conference used the "Kendo UI Drawer (JavaScript) template" whilst the other was simply a clone of the sample project).

    The project that is still displayed but cannot be opened is "Claims Workflow mockup".  This is not a new problem - I couldn't open it before this incident.  The latest date on any project file is 08 Dec 2014.

    Just to be clear, I did not begin migration - I was just cleaning up to prepare for migration.

    I have robocopy backups of key folders, including C:\Users\Scott\AppData\Local\Telerik\BlackDragon\  I simply copied the mobilewebsite-sample-Telerik-Friends folder from my backup drive to the original location.

    Are you suggesting that I should be able to view these apps on  That's odd - I have been on this page daily for the last few weeks to manage data services for namas-conference and I have never seen any of my apps listed.  They are not there now either.  Please clarify the URI I should use and I will do the Fiddler capture.

    I would love to open a support ticket, but that is another problem.  It seems my DevCraft / Platform renewal has not been properly input at Telerik and my Telerik Platform subscription status is expired, so AppBuilder no longer shows up on the page.  I have written to sales@ and support@ for days with no response (I know, there is a company retreat and the holidays).  Grrr.


  4. Scott Buchanan
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    Posted 22 Dec 2015 in reply to Dimitrina Link to this post


    Sorry for misspelling your name earlier.

    I have moved this to support ticket 997396, since the SAZ flle contained my Telerik credentials.


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