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    Hi guys,

    I'm currently trying the trial to recreate an app I developped in android to have it run hybrid also on iPhone, and I can already say that I do really like Icenium (I'm using Graphite). The idea of an ICE simply resolves our internal problem : we don't have a mac, and it simply makes sense.

    Yesterday however, I made a simple (and stupid) mistake : I deleted a project... and 2 seconds later realized
    1) I still needed some test files from this project (not dramatic, but dumb loss of time)
    2) I had absolutely no "local" backup (by which I mean "located anywhere but not on your cloud")
    3) I had absolutely no idea how to restore this project

    Nothing dramatic, I was still playing with Graphite to find my marks, but today, I've got one day's worth of real work and... I'm afraid my finger could get spastic again ^^

    In other words - is there a way to restore a projet your deleted, or to duplicate it locally for backup  (without calling for support, I mean, I expect you certainly have daily backups, but in this case, nothing was possibly backed up at the time I deleted it ^^). For example "connect" to a project I created, e.g. adding a project with the same name, or browsing those projects ?

    Question is not rethorical, I would really not appreciate losing everything I did today, for instance (which brings another question : when the trial ends, do I keep access to my files ? Can I download them ? etc. etc.) - we're really considering taking at least a dev licence but one never knows what management can decide ^^

    Thanks in advance
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    Posted 07 Oct 2013 Link to this post

    Hello Gilles,

    That was our main idea - to not only resolve the problem of maintaining a local mac mashina with iOS SDK installed, but also to let users take advantage of their HTML/JS/CSS skils to create an app that would run on both Android and iOS.

    As for your inquiry - backups are done daily and are kept for two weeks i.e. if you have deleted a project a month ago, we would not be able to restore it. Also, if you create a project today in a matter of hours and delete it immediately, we would not be able to restore it as it has not been backed up yet. In general our license agreement does not include backup/restore service, we create backups for our internal needs should anything go wrong with the servers. That is why we highly recommend having a backup of your project at all times. There are two easy ways to backup you project:

    And yes, you can export your existing projects even when your trial ends. You would be able to download your projects, but would not be able to work on them from within Icenium.

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  3. Gilles
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    Posted 08 Oct 2013 Link to this post

    Hi Steve,

    Ok thanks - the "export" arrow is in fact quite small, I just didn't notice it. My bad ;)

    I'll try both ways (export/github) to see what fits my needs the most.

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