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  1. Thomas Yanez
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    Posted 11 Dec 2014 Link to this post

    A couple of weeks back, I updated my VS2012 development environment with the Q3 2014 UI for ASP.NET AJAX, and whatever the latest version of Just Code that was available at the time (we had not updated either since Q2 2013), and I'm now having problems :

    - the code analysis window pops up constantly.  If I click it away, or it goes away by itself, it comes back almost immediately.

    - Visual Studio's memory profile keeps rising until it crashes from running out of memory (when it reaches the 2.3GB range).  Sometimes Telerik itself puts an error on the bar where Code Analysis usually resides with an exclamation point, that on expanding, is filled with out-of-memory-errors, and Visual Studio usually crashes shortly thereafter.

    - Code Analysis  is very, very slow, even after a fresh reboot,or re-load of Visual Studio

    I solved the memory crash by just uninstalling JustCode finally, but I already miss it a whole lot.  

    Is anybody else having similar problems?
  2. Nikolay Valchev
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    Posted 16 Dec 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Thomas,

    Excuse us for the caused inconvenience!
    I would like to ask you to send us all the log files JustCode have generated (you can find them in %localappdata%\JustCode\Logs). Also, because of the information in the logs could be insufficient, could you profile Visual Studio with JustCode running and send us a snapshot.
    I would like to mention that you are experiencing an unusual behavior, the analyzer of Just Code is running in a separate process from Visual Studio and is very unlikely for it to cause this this Out of Memory Exception.
    Lastly, I would suggest you to turn off all JustCode's visual features and observe if there is an improvement:
     - Code Colorization: JustCode | Options | Visual Features | disable 'Color identifiers'
     - LESS Colorization: JustCode | Options | Visual Features | disable 'Colorize code in .less files'
     - Structural Highlighting: JustCode | Options | Visual Features | Structural Highlighting | disable 'Structural Highlighting'
     - Code Metrics: JustCode | Options | Visual Features | Code Metrics | uncheck 'Enable Cyclomatic Complexity' 
    All these features are creating additional adornments (UI Elements) for the Visual Studio Editor which might (but not necessary) produce some memory leaks, although we are not aware of the existence of such an issue.

    We are waiting for your response. Thank you for the help!

    Nikolay Valchev

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