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    Posted 03 Nov 2014 Link to this post

    I have a view with a data-model="App.models.artifacts" view model for artifacts.html that handles capturing and getting photos. I'm using requirejs to include kendo for the datasource.

    * artifacts data-model
        function (kendo, api) {

            var viewModel = kendo.observable({

                dataSource: new{
                    transport: {
                        read: function (options) {
                            .done(function (data) {

                onUploadImage: function (e) {
                onCaptureImage: function (e) {
                onCaptureVideo: function (e) {
                onCaptureAudio: function (e) {

                uploadSuccess: function (e) {


    at first tried creating the getPhoto method within the view model class, but it always performs a capture rather than a getPicture.  After hours of pulling my hair out as to why this was, and playing with the cordova camera sample, I finally got it running correctly by placing the getPhoto function in a separate jscript file that didn't have the kendo reference in it. I changed nothing about the call, except moving it.

    /* camera.js */
      function getPhoto(source) {
        // Retrieve image file location from specified source, onFail, { quality: 50,
            destinationType: destinationType.FILE_URI,
            sourceType: source

    Why doesn't the call within the view model work correctly?

  2. Martin Yankov
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    Posted 04 Nov 2014 Link to this post


    I cannot see anything wrong with your code or any reason why this function will not work if you declare it in the view model. Also, I could not understand you completely. What do you mean by "it always performs a capture rather than a getPicture"? In your code I can see that you have both onCaptureImage which calls a capturePhoto function and onUploadPhoto that calls the getPhoto function. This is strange as getPicture() does not upload anything. Further, I don't know what these functions are bound to. If you want me to help you figure this out, please open a support ticket and send us your project, so that I can take a closer look.

    I am looking forward to your reply.

    Martin Yankov

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