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passing DropDownList selected value to controller
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Fred asked on 29 Dec 2011, 04:46 PM
I am looking for an example to do the following.

I have an edit template.

i call it from the grid, do some changes and if i click the save button (check icon) it saves it to the db by calling proper controler method.  this is all done without me writing any javascript (which i know nothing about for now).

However, if I change the value of the dropdownlist for a field in the edit box, that value is not changed.

I try to do some javascript code, but i was getting error message using firebug, something about dataobject not defined.

I am looking for a working example.

i figured out that the problem is that the model i am passing the view is not the same as the model as i saving in the controller (i flattened my data model to bypass the circular reference problem)

The way i pass the data to my entity object is

  Public Function _AjaxEdit(id As Integer)
            Dim ta As CUSTOMER = _db.CUSTOMERS.ToList.Find(Function(o) o.ID = id)

            ta.CITY_ID = Me.Request.Params("cityID")
            ta.ADDRESS1 = Me.Request.Params("Adress1")
            ta.Code = Me.Request.Params("Code")
            ta.Name = Me.Request.Params("Name")

            _db.ObjectStateManager.ChangeObjectState(ta, EntityState.Modified)

I don't think this is a good way of doing it.

Any better ideas ?

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