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  1. Sandeep Endapally
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    Posted 03 Sep 2009 Link to this post

    Is there is any way to test the order of elements on a web page. I mean, if the developer changes the order of elements

    on a webpage and runs the previous created test script, it should fail. Is that possible?

  2. Cody
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    Posted 04 Sep 2009 Link to this post

    Hello Sandeep Endapally,

    Yes there are a couple of methods you can use to verify the order of elements. The quick method would be to select the element and craft a verification step that would verify the InnerMarkup or the InnerText equals a specific value. For example, if you have a UL element that contains a number of LI elements, you would locate the UL element in DOM explorer, right click on it and select Record Options, select Verification, then constuct a verification of the InnerText or the InnerMarkup is exact to some value.

    The other method is to add a code behind method that does something like this:

    [CodedStep(@"Verify 'InnerMarkup' 'Exact' '<LI class=chooseSample jQuery1252081125277=\7\>Choose sample</LI><LI class=active jQuery1252081125277=\8\><A id=demo1 href=\#\ jQuery1252081125277=\2\>Editor with all features</A></LI><LI jQuery1252081125277=\9\><A id=demo_uicolor href=\#\ jQuery1252081125277=\3\>Interface color</A></LI><LI jQuery1252081125277=\10\><A id=demo2 href=\#\ jQuery1252081125277=\4\>Multi-language interface</A></LI><LI jQuery1252081125277=\11\><A id=demo3 href=\#\ jQuery1252081125277=\5\>Custom toolbar</A></LI><LI jQuery1252081125277=\12\><A id=demo4 href=\#\ jQuery1252081125277=\6\>Skins</A><!--            <li class=\moreSamples\><a href=\#\>More samples</a></li>  --></LI>' on 'ul_1'")]  
    public void webaiitest1_CodedStep()  
        // Verify 'InnerMarkup' 'Exact' '<LI class=chooseSample jQuery1252081125277="7">Choose sample</LI><LI class=active jQuery1252081125277="8"><A id=demo1 href="#" jQuery1252081125277="2">Editor with all features</A></LI><LI jQuery1252081125277="9"><A id=demo_uicolor href="#" jQuery1252081125277="3">Interface color</A></LI><LI jQuery1252081125277="10"><A id=demo2 href="#" jQuery1252081125277="4">Multi-language interface</A></LI><LI jQuery1252081125277="11"><A id=demo3 href="#" jQuery1252081125277="5">Custom toolbar</A></LI><LI jQuery1252081125277="12"><A id=demo4 href="#" jQuery1252081125277="6">Skins</A><!--            <li class="moreSamples"><a href="#">More samples</a></li>  --></LI>' on 'ul_1'  
        HtmlControl ul_1 = Pages.Demo__CKEditor.ul_1;  
        Assert.AreEqual(7, ul_1.BaseElement.ChildNodes.Count, "Selection menu count is incorrect");  
        Assert.AreEqual("Choose sample", ul_1.BaseElement.ChildNodes[0].InnerText);  
        Assert.AreEqual("Editor with all features", ul_1.BaseElement.ChildNodes[1].InnerText);  
        Assert.AreEqual("Interface color", ul_1.BaseElement.ChildNodes[2].InnerText);  
        Assert.AreEqual("Multi-language interface", ul_1.BaseElement.ChildNodes[3].InnerText);  
        Assert.AreEqual("Custom toolbar", ul_1.BaseElement.ChildNodes[4].InnerText);  
        Assert.AreEqual("Skins", ul_1.BaseElement.ChildNodes[5].InnerText);  
        Assert.AreEqual("", ul_1.BaseElement.ChildNodes[6].InnerMarkup);  

    If you still need assistance, I need more details of what/where exactly you'd like to verify the order of something, along with sample HTML code to study. Then I can give you better assistance for your speciric test case.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team

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