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  1. Hannes
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    Jul 2014

    Posted 11 Feb 2015 Link to this post

    During the last days I got some email notifications about a new exceptions, but in Telerik Platform Analytics the exceptions are not shown - neither in Live mode nor with the filter setting last 7 days!
    Although one can see in the timeline diagram that there were exceptions (see attached png file)...

    Can you please have a look at that? Maybe it has something to do with the new Analyics Update..

  2. Richard Flamsholt
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    Posted 13 Feb 2015 Link to this post

    Hi Hannes,

    Thanks for reporting this.

    You're not missing out on exceptions: the notice about new exceptions was in fact wrongly reported by Analytics.

    What happened was that your product received new exceptions from clients, which was four days old - they've probably been offline - and the new exception group was incorrectly timestamped with the receiving date. So it would appear that you had received new exception types on Feb 10, while in fact they had been logged on Feb 6. The graphs for "Exception Occurrences" and "Average Exception Occurences" would correctly show the number of exceptions received, but the "New Exception Items" would show a count of 2 for Feb 10 instead of Feb 6. That was a bug.

    We have fixed the wrongful timestamps so your exception data is correct now. If you go take a look at the period you will see that the "New Exception Items" now line up perfectly with the other two graphs.

    We have not yet deployed a fix on our live server and until we do you may experience this issue again. When our live server is updated we will afterwards correct any similar issues that may have occurred between now and then. I can't say precisely when it will be updated, but it will most likely be within a week or two.

    Again, thanks for reporting this. I've awarded you 1000 Telerik points as a small token of appreciation for your help.

    Richard Flamsholt
    EQATEC Application Analytics is now Telerik Analytics. For more information on the new name, plus what's new in Telerik Analytics, please, check out the Analytics Service Announcement.
  3. Atle
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    Posted 17 Feb 2015 in reply to Richard Flamsholt Link to this post

    Hi Richard

    I have enabled the logging but it reports no Errors.
    This is my test page code.

        var analyticsMonitor = null;
        var analyticsTrackException = function (exception, message) {
            if (analyticsMonitor) {
                analyticsMonitor.trackException(exception, message);
        $(function () {
            var settings = _eqatec.createSettings("afe9a4d68b424c2396d2e30244ce347e");
            settings.version = "1.2.3";
            settings.loggingInterface = window._eqatec.createTraceLogger();
            analyticsMonitor = window._eqatecmonitor = _eqatec.createMonitor(settings);
            window.onerror = function (message, filename, lineNumber, columnNumber, error) {
                var m = "Error thrown in: " + filename + " at line: " + lineNumber + " and column: " + columnNumber + "\r\nMessage: " + message;
                analyticsTrackException(error, m);
                return false;
            analyticsMonitor.setUserID("Bob the Builder");
            $.error("Test Error");
    If i check console this shows:
    monitor not started
    EqatecMonitor.min.js:27 monitor has started, connecting to
    jquery.js:250 Uncaught Error: Test Error
    2 EqatecMonitor.min.js:27 Statistics was sent successfully (xhr).

    So 2 payloads has been sent to the server.
    If i check the network outputs the attached photo content is sent

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