Nested RadWindow over RadWindow containing Silverlight control

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    I have a situation where a Silverlight control is displayed in a RadWindow and everything works as expected. My problem came when I tried to display an existing RadWindow on top of the first. I had read the help section on Opening a RadWindow from Within a RadWindow and the process to do this was working normally.

    My issue was with the way in which the second RadWindow's border's disappeared if they happened to sit over the top of the Silverlight control in the first RadWindow.
    The rest of the controls inside the second RadWindow would be displayed correctly but the borders would not. This could include the Titlebar buttons being hidden if the whole Titlebar was over the Silverlight control. It made it look like the second RadWindow blended into the first.

    I tried a couple of things, including minimising the first RadWindow before displaying the second, which worked but weren't user friendly. I then went back to the source of the problem - the Silverlight Plug-in Object. One parameter I hadn't set was the Windowless parameter. Since you can display HTML content on top of Silverlight content in windowless mode I gave it a try and it solved the problem of the disappearing borders.

    Obviously I am aware of the issues surrounding the Windowless parameter, however in our situation the benefits out way the drawbacks. If anyone can give me another reason & solution for these 'disappearing' borders I would be happy to give it a go?
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    This is by design. The Silverlight or Flash objects stay above every dhtml object, including the RadWindow control. We would suggest you to set a windowless parameter. This is the correct way to avoid this problem.

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    the Telerik team
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