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  1. richard
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    Posted 15 Aug 2012 Link to this post

    I need some help/guidance on how to accomplish the following. 
    Given the name of a db represented in my orm, I need to run a query against it. I would like to get it to the point of running a linq query against it so i could have typing. 
    Also, I would like to use ORM context to take advantage of L2 cache. 
    if (_entitiesModel.Metadata.PersistentTypes.Where(_f => _f.Name == _lookingFor).Any())
    // this gives me an empty object - but i cannot query it
    var _temp = Activator.CreateInstance(AssemblyName, String.Concat(AssemblyName, ".", _filenameWithOutExtension)).Unwrap();
    // this should get me close, but won't compile because of typing
    var _temp2 = Activator.CreateInstance(AssemblyName, String.Concat(AssemblyName, ".", _filenameWithOutExtension)).Unwrap();

    	 _entitiesModel._lookingFor.Where(f => f.IsDeleted == false);
    I am prob. missing something obvious/easy, but any help would be greatly appreciated. 
  2. Ady
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    Posted 16 Aug 2012 Link to this post

    Hello Richard,

     What do you want to achieve exactly? How are you generating the context ? Have you used the 'Database First' approach to import all tables into the designer and then use the generated context class? Such a context class should have a property that returns IQueryable<T> for each persistent type in your model.
    In case you want to get an extent by specifying the persistent type name, you can add a partial class for the context class and add the following method to it
    public IQueryable GetExtext(string name)
            return GetScope().ExtentByName(name);

    Do send me some more information on what you want to achieve and i would be glad to assist you further.

    the Telerik team
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