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    I want to create a unit test for the CheckUser method presented below...  In that method we create a new instance of a class named LoginService.  Inside my unit test, I know how to arrange my LoginService instance so that the mocking framework will replace the original call to ValidateUser with a simple "Return 1".  That is not my problem....  My problem is that the parameterless constructor of the LoginService class used in CheckUser does a couple things I'd prefer not to do in my unit test like (as an example) connect to an Active Directory.  Of course, if my unit test tries systematically to create a REAL LoginService then it will always fail as I have no active directory ready for my tests...  Is there a way with JustMock to tell the mocking infrastructure that whenever my code tries to instanciate a class of type LoginService then I want a MOCK (or proxy) of LoginService to be created instead?  On this mock I would of course have set arrange statements to have it behave like I want, let's say, Return 1 when ValidateUser is invoked on the Mock (or proxy)...

    public class LegacyCode
    public int CheckUser(string userName, string password)
    LoginService _service = new LoginService();
            [some code ommited here]
            return _service.ValidateUser(userName, password);

    I know some other mocking products out there support such a feature and I want to know if JustMock supports it also?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Hi Vincent,

    Thanks again for finding time in making the post. A similar answer has been posted to the following thread:

    Please check it out.

    Kind Regards,
    the Telerik team
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